"Perfect" templates for your WebFOCUS environment

Amazing Templates

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Templates provide information users need immediately.

A template takes minutes to generate. Any data source that can be accessed in WebFOCUS can be placed on a template.

Self-Service Tab

Allows users to intuitively query data their way. Easily select filters and/or population lists to retrieve data with a variety of available report and graph formats.


Drilldown at any detail, subtotal, or total level for further actions.


Save Selections

All selections can be saved and be used again on future reports. Choose to make it private or share with others.


Saved Selections Tab 

Select desired report and submit to run.


Design and Unite Actions

Design reports by selecting fields with optional styling. 


Unite reports by selecting fields and designating a common key to unite 



Leap Ahead Template Highlights

  • Built with latest technology – Latest templates built with App Studio

  • Dynamic Groups, Sorts, Filters, Drill downs

* Multi-level drill downs access on any line, subtotal, or total 

* Summarized measures (i.e. averages, percentages, counts) on each level

* Create key population lists for tracking populations

* Selections made can be saved/shared to used to run reports at another time

  • Graphs (Bar, Pie, Line, Waterfall, Stack, Sparklines)

  • Actions (Summary, Detail, Design, Unite, Create Population, Custom Reports)

* “Design” option offers selections to choose desired fields, output format, sorts

* “Unite” option allows fields across templates to be united together repeatedly by a shared common key

* Powerful “Unite” options allow for the flexibility of uniting fields by a common key with the option of having multiple instances united going down or across. Users are encouraged to “play” with their results knowing the option to delete the last unite action is always available.

* “Create Population” option allows selected key data to be saved. This population can be subsequently used as a filter on the same template or any other template utilizing the same population key.

* “Custom Reports” allows for up to seven (7) reports to be developed and added to the template. 

  • Formats (HTML, PDF, Excel, Active Reports)
  • “Leap Back” History (Users can review their report log)
  • Unite Data together from multiple templates
  • Save Selections to be run again in Saved Selections
  • Key List Maintenance Utility provides viewing, deleting, merging Key Lists (Populations)
  • Compatible with future WebFOCUS Upgrades

*Leap Ahead will maintain/enhance templates for future WebFOCUS compatibility. Upgrades will require the user to usually re-generate  templates to bring it up to the new version level

  • Robust and Intuitive

* The operation and available functions and features of a generated template will always have the same look and feel.  Only the content changes across templates, therefore once you have operated one template, one can easily operate another

  • Productive

* Template generation reduces development time from days to minutes 

*Users can access templates immediately after a template has been generated 

* Templates can be enhanced at anytime and re-generated 

* Expert-level code is generated without requiring the “Leap Ahead” designer to know HTML or WebFOCUS

* Templates saves valuable time on development and debugging enabling users to access their data immediately

Quick to develop, generate, and run templates, Collaboration is the key to our success!