"Perfect" templates for your WebFOCUS environment


“Leap Ahead” templates expedites the creation of powerful WebFOCUS self-service reporting. Leap Ahead templates generate the “perfect” HTML and WebFOCUS code, enabling your organization to significantly reduce development time and effort from days to minutes.

Leap Ahead Solutions is proud to be an Information Builders Solution Partner and is dedicated to integrating the latest WebFOCUS features and functions in our templates.

Your organization can immediately leap ahead in business intelligence reporting with templates accessing any data source for all industries. Users will navigate through the templates and see its powerful features and capabilities.  Dynamic reporting capabilities will allow users to see, understand, and report data easily and quickly. All of this can be accomplished without having to know HTML or WebFOCUS coding.

Our President has worked with IB products since 1988 developing meaningful, comprehensive reports and graphs. Years of practice have enabled bundling the best WebFOCUS techniques, practices, and standards with powerful functionality and capabilities in templates to provide the easiest, quickest, and most intuitive gateway to discover patterns and trends, gain valuable insights, and produce reports.

Carol Sashi is President of Leap Ahead Solutions LLC. After working in Information Technology and Institutional Research in Higher Education for over 27 years, her passion to provide meaningful insights and deliver highly productive business intelligence templates led her to start Leap Ahead Solutions LLC in March 2013.