"Perfect" templates for your WebFOCUS environment


Elegant and intuitive to navigate, Leap Ahead Templates accelerate reporting

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Generate custom templates easily from a WebFOCUS InfoAssist file and launch in minutes

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Built-In features offer dynamic sorts and filters and multiple drill down options to design, unite data and more

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Our Hop, Skip, and Jump plans include a free trial template to help you leap ahead with confidence

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Our Pledge

Leap Ahead Solutions fully supports Information Builders mission to ensure customers can apply intelligence, integration, and integrity solutions dramatically to improve the performance of their entire organization (http://www.informationbuilders.com/about_us). Leap Ahead templates are packed with numerous capabilities that continue to be enhanced as new and better methods and technologies are developed. Leap Ahead’s mission is to excel in satisfying your reporting challenges and making a difference to you and your organization.